Park2Park Relay: June 14, 2014

The Park2Park Relay ( is a race for ambitious runners looking for a challenge! Teams of four will run approximately 40 miles in a relay-style running event that will take runners through communities, across countryside and through challenging park trails.

Amateur radio will be heavily involved this year and we'll need several operators to fully staff the event. The assignment sheet and the maps are posted. If you would like to volunteer, send Bob Burns W9BU ( an email with the position you are volunteering for, your callsign, name, and a phone number where you can be reached the day of the event. You can even sign up for more than one assignment as long as the times don't overlap.

Event communications will be conducted on the 147.165/442.900 repeater in Danville with the 145.130/444.575 repeater as a back-up.

The Park2Park Relay organizers and the Hendricks County Emergency Management Agency are depending on amateur radio to provide communications for the event. We are looking forward to your support of this event.

Bob Burns W9BU
Hendricks County RACES
Phone: 317-410-7721

Here is a description of the positions:

Net Control -- Because the event goes on all day, we'll be staffing Net Control in shifts. The Net Control will be the focal point for amateur radio communications and will make sure that traffic is being passed to the proper station. Our current plan is to have Net Control operate out of the communications trailer owned by Mike Palmer N9FEB which will be located adjacent to the Sheriff's Department Mobile Command in the Danville area. Mike's trailer is equipped with all the radios, antennas, and other equipment you'll need to run Net Control.

Lead Tracker -- Also operating in shifts, the Lead Tracker will drive their vehicle along the course and follow the lead runner. Where the race course deviates from vehicular roads, the Lead Tracker will report that the runner has gone onto a trail. Then the Lead Tracker will move forward to the next place on the course comes back onto a vehicular road and wait for the lead runner to appear. This position requires an APRS tracking device. If you'd like to work one of these positions, but don't have APRS, we will have a limited number of trackers available that we can temporarily put on your vehicle.

Tail Tracker -- Similar to the Lead Tracker, except that you'll follow the last runner.

Rover -- Rovers will be our troubleshooters and will be dispatched by Net Control to trouble spots along the route as needed. Rovers will drive to their assigned location and may have to work outside their vehicle to direct traffic. This position also requires APRS.

Start, Exchange, and Finish -- These positions are located at fixed positions. The amateur radio operator at each of these positions will pass traffic to and from Net Control about the conditions at their location. That will include:

  • Advise of any emergency situations involving runners or their support vehicles.
  • Make sure course condition flags are displayed as requested by Net Control.
  • Track the passage of the first and last runners at each point.
  • Advise of any problems the runners or thier support vehicles are having with negotiating the course.
  • Advise of any logistical issues that develop at the exchange points.
  • Coordinate with the exchange captain to determine whether or not all teams have passed the exchange point.
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